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Short Version:

  • Purdue Foundry enters its seventh year by launching new ways to help innovators and business builders grow their companies

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In our first six years, we helped form 253 new companies. For the past few months, the Purdue Foundry team has taken a deep look at all our operations, discussed what we’ve learned, and considered what we could become. We know who we are and will now become even better.

We help train innovators transform their groundbreaking ideas into world-changing businesses.

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Here’s what coming your way next:

  • More Programs Focused on Growth

  • New Elevate Nexus Grants

  • From Part-Time EIRs to Full-Time Coaches

  • Seamless Digital Tools

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Nitty gritty details:

More Programs Focused on Growth - We’ve proven we can help launch companies. Now, we’re seeking to prove we can help them grow while still launching new ones. That means, we’re launching new ways to help you after Firestarter. This includes Business Plan workshops & coaching, Business Growth workshops & coaching, and the new Double Down program. All designed to help you transform your groundbreaking idea into a world-changing company.  

New Elevate Nexus Grants  - For the past three years, Purdue Foundry and Elevate Ventures have collaborated on building a model for university-based entrepreneurs. This has led to the launch of a statewide initiative that’s open to you: Elevate Nexus. It will take the place of the Black and Gold Awards while offering you the opportunity to claim even more funding – up to $260,000 in grants through a series of pitch competitions.  

Part-Time EIRs -> Full-Time Coaches - The most visible change will be your main point of contact with Purdue Foundry. We’ve decided to shift the daily coaching responsibilities to our full-time staff and refocus those who’ve been serving as EIRs to help companies in a more targeted, deeper way.  

Seamless Digital Tools  - We’re excited to introduce some new digital tools that we believe will help provide you with a more seamless, integrate support structure. For every team that completes Firestarter and completes our Business Plan workshop, we’ll provide you a complementary three-month LivePlan subscription, which will guide you in the business planning process and our team will use to coach you.  

Now, go build your company. You’ve spent enough time on this website today.